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Desiccant, Oxygen Absorber, Humidity Indicator, and VOC Adsorbent Solutions - protection throughout the supply chain

Clariant Cargo & Device Protection offers active and intelligent packaging & cargo protection solutions to help prevent the harmful effects of moisture, oxygen, or the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds.


Our high-performing products result from more than 70 years of innovation. Our decades of experience, supported by a global sales and technical team, allow us to deliver unmatched services. In addition, a worldwide network of state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in Brazil, China, Indonesia, Turkey, and the United States help to ensure secure supply and availability. Questions? Contact us via phone, email, or the form below.



Our commitment to sustainability is a key part of our success; learn more about our ECOTAIN® initiative and what sustainability means to Clariant.



Commitment to Quality - a global focus

Commitment to Quality


Clariant Cargo & Device Protection operates around the world to support the global scope and multimode transport of today’s shipping. Customers worldwide depend upon our container desiccantsdesiccant bagsvolatile organic compound (VOC) adsorbents, and humidity indicating solutions to protect container-shipped cargo, ranging from food to agricultural goods to electronics and other products.

Further, our global span also offers moisture protective solutions for the electronics, semiconductor dry packing industries, and government standards such as FDA, DIN, Mil-Spec, and JEDEC.


Moosburg, Germany
Ostenriederstraße 15
85368 Moosburg

电话: +49 8761 82 765
传真: +49 8761 82 755


6 rue Louise Michel 
BP 207 
94 603 Choisy le Roi

电话: +33 1 41 76 20 00 
传真: +33 1 41 76 20 57


İstanbul / Turkey
AND Kozyatağı

İçerenköy Mahallesi No:10/12

34752 Ataşehir – İstanbul / TURKEY

电话: +90 216 578 29 56
传真: +90 216 578 29 30
手机: +90 530 524 38 19

Turkey Plant

Balikesir, Turkey
Izmir Yolu 14. Km 
Kesirven Köyü Mevkii
Balikesir 10034

电话: +90 266 264 8757 集团电话:
传真: +90 266 264 8752


Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd
4 Coronation Avenue
Kings Park
2148 Australia

电话:+ 61 29 098 8431
传真:+61 2 9679 8309


Clariant India Private Limited
Reliable Tech Park
Thane Belapur Road
Airoli, Navi Mumbai 400 708

电话:+91 22 7125 1480

Singapore Sales Office

1 International Business Park
#08-01-04 The Synergy
Singapore 609917 

电话: +65 6563 0288
传真: +65 6563 0200

Indonesia Sales Office & Plant

PT Clariant Adsorbents Indonesia
Jl. Raya Narogong Km14
Pangkalan 10, Desa Limusnunggal
Bogor 16820, Indonesia

电话:+62 21 8249 7445
传真号: +62 21 8249 8585


Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd.
No. 2 Lane 168, Linhong Road
临虹路 168 弄 2 号
200335 Shanghai China

电话 :+86 21 2248 3000
传真: +86 21 2248 3840

China Plant

Clariant Specialty Chemicals (Zhenjiang) Co. Ltd.
No. 39, West Lin Jiang Road
New District Zhenjiang City
Jiangsu Province 212132

电话:+86 511 85956611
传真: +86 511 85956596

United States Sales Office & Plant

926 S. 8th St.
PO Box 610
Colton, CA 92324
United States

电话: +1 909 825 1793
电话: +1 800 966 1793
传真: +1 909 825 6271

United States Plant

Rio Grande Industrial Park
101 Christine Drive
Belen, NM 87002
United States

Brazil Sales Office & Plant

Rua Industrial, 802
Rio Abaixo - Jacarei 
12321-500 São-Paulo 

电话: +55 12 2128-2288

Colombia Sales Office

Clariant S.A.
Autopista Medellín KM 2.5
Via Parcelas KM 1,
Vereda Siberia
Cota, Cundinamarca

电话:+57 314 470 3711

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About Us

Cargo & Device Protection is part of Clariant’s BU Adsorbents & Additives which, after half a century of organic growth and acquisition, has cultivated world-leading expertise and leadership in moisture and oxygen protection solutions.

Today, Clariant’s Cargo & Device Protection group operates a global network of active sales offices, research & development centers and manufacturing facilities around the world. It serves its customers in the electronics & semiconductor, and shipping & logistics industries through a global network of direct sales and channel partners. 

Part of Cargo & Device Protection’s rich history includes their introduction of humidity indicator cards.

Commitment to Excellence

Clariant is dedicated to a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Teams of six-sigma black belts and green belts focus on optimizing the quality, consistency and efficiency of its production processes to meet customers' changing needs and to comply with the latest standards such as JEDEC, Mil-Spec, AFNOR and DIN.


Like all Clariant businesses, Cargo & Device Protection is dedicated to product innovation based on dedicated and cutting-edge research and development. We lead the market in highly effective solutions for moisture, oxygen protection, and the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds. Leveraging expertise in bentonite clay desiccants, silica gel desiccants, and other adsorbent and absorbent technologies, Cargo & Device Protection continues to develop new solutions to meet evolving industry challenges, such as rising volumes of internationally shipped goods, and increasingly stringent protection requirements for today’s miniaturized electronics.

Clariant innovation places special emphasis on sustainability. Cargo & Device Protection solutions are making an important contribution to conserving valuable resources and reducing waste.





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