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Exploration and mining

Finding suitable deposits

增强 过滤品质

去色、降低 悬浮固体总量 (TSS) 和有机碳总量 (TOC),以及帮助 减少或消除进一步的 下游水处理成本,从而极大地增强过滤品质。

Finding deposits graph
 Opening Up the earth for a new mine graph
Extraction of bentonite clay graph
Our expertise
  • 吸附剂
    1,000 多种需求,汇集成一个单一的解决方案:膨润土。 科莱恩集团的吸附剂业务部是全球知名的膨润土、合成材料特种产品和解决方案的全球知名提供商。量身定制的产品旨在提升各类行业中的产品和流程。从开采原材料到加工,再到定制出针对客户具体需求的解决方案,我们为您提供横跨整个价值链的 360° 全方位服务。
  • Bentonite
    Bentonite is a clay material that is quite abundant on earth.
  • Process and production
    Bentonite can be processed in several ways to optimize properties for the individual uses.
  • Re-Cultivation
    Agricultural land is returned to the same use as before mining.

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