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Irresistibly attractive to unwanted impurities

All over the world TONSIL® has an outstanding reputation as a broad suite of natural and activated bleaching clays. For us at Clariant, this brand recognition is a hallmark to more than one hundred years of expertise in helping our customers to meet their purification challenges. At the same time we accept this brand recognition as our obligation for the future.

TONSIL® grades are made from bentonite clay and consist of fine bleaching earth powders and granules with high adsorption capacity. Mined in a sustainable way, our natural products are developed to ensure high levels of performance when used by refineries.

Partnering with you we focus on developing optimized solutions for your oil refining needs. We at Clariant pride ourselves of having ranges of product solutions in the industry today and our continued investment in developing new solutions to purify edible oils or biofuels for the future.

Thanks to first-class technical expertise and exceptional lab capacities we can support you in a broad array of technical aspects. We regularly conduct technical seminars and provide technical on-site service to you.

Get in touch with us to optimize your cost performance ratio without having to compromise on the bleaching performance and benefit from the fast filtration properties of our bleaching earth.

Explore our applications

  • Refining Edible Oils
    Our TONSIL® range of bleaching earth or clay is based on over a century of experience in refining edible oils and fats. Today, Clariant remains a truly global player and thought leader for edible oil purification.
  • Renewable Fuel Purification
    For optimum biofuel refining, our premium highly active adsorbents and catalysts are customized to process almost any feedstock (HVO, FAME, UCO, POME) including impurity removal


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