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汽车内饰部件添加剂解决方案 -

汽车内饰是驾驶体验的一部分。所有表面都必须具有良好的观感和触感,保持其最初的美观性,并维持健康愉快的环境。在面临比外部零部件更为严格的审查条件下,汽车驾驶舱面临的要求日益严格。光和热是塑料部件老化的主要因素之一,因此长期耐热性紫外线防护是必不可少的。褪色和易碎的汽车塑料部件不仅不好看,而且可能对汽车用户的健康造成危害。挥发性有机化合物 (VOC)的低 排放要求是车用塑料行业最重要的趋势之一。



  • AddWorks® ATR 945 B
    AddWorks ATR 945 B is a low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer particularly designed for light stabilization of non-polar polymers (e.g. polyolefins). This specific solution offers an optimal stabilization to PP compounds.
  • AddWorks® LXR™ 568 MP
    AddWorks LXR 568 MP is a highly efficient phosphorous based processing stabilizer solution, which reduces the thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers and the development of undesired color (yellowing). AddWorks LXR 568 MP shows enhanced hydrolytic stability, a high thermal stability and high solubility in polymeric materials. It has a broad compatibility in coating polymers.
  • Hostavin® N 30 pills
    Hostavin N 30 pills is an oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), designed for light stabilization of plastic materials. This HALS is characterized by its broad compatibility and excellent resistance to migration.
  • Hostavin® PR-31 P
    Hostavin PR-31 is a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) with a UV absorber functionality. This HALS is characterized by its excellent efficiency and its ability to be fixed into the binder or the polymer matrix during UV exposure.