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对于引擎盖下 (UTH) 的应用而言,其主要挑战是在不规则的时间间隔内具有宽泛的极高工作温度范围、高强度的机械应力,以及暴露于腐蚀性液体(如燃油及其添加剂)中的环境。例如填充聚丙烯 (PP) 或聚酰胺 (PA) 改性料等塑料存在着急需满足的不断增长的要求,将高耐热温度与长期的表面美观性相结合,以确保产品质量和适应力。


  • AddWorks® LXR™ 568 MP
    AddWorks LXR 568 MP is a highly efficient phosphorous based processing stabilizer solution, which reduces the thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers and the development of undesired color (yellowing). AddWorks LXR 568 MP shows enhanced hydrolytic stability, a high thermal stability and high solubility in polymeric materials. It has a broad compatibility in coating polymers.
  • Hostanox® O 3 pills
    Hostanox O 3 pills is a highly efficient phenolic antioxidant with high resistance against hydrolysis, providing long term heat stabilization to polyolefins and polyamide especially for applications where the final article comes in contact with extractive media such as water, fat etc.
  • Hostanox® SE 10
    Hostanox SE 10 是一种硫醚基高效辅助稳定剂,与聚烯烃具有优异的兼容性。