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AddWorks® 工业建筑与施工



ADDWORKS® 建筑与施工解决方案


  • 塑料
    In the area of plastics used in industrial building and construction, Clariant has come up with a range of innovative solutions for polymer improvement. They make roofs and outdoor decks more weather-proof, window frames more aesthetic, and in some cases they can even make watching a soccer match a much more pleasurable experience. Thanks to the protection given by light stabilizers as well as a strong heat resistance resulting from the use of antioxidants or heat stabilizers, plastics for Industrial, Building and Construction using Clariant's AddWorks® IBC solutions are well protected against temperature, even high temperature during conversion or end use, or even against intense UV radiation, as well as other difficult weather conditions.
  • 建筑涂料
    Our state-of-the-art coating solutions help to preserve and protect that well-being, providing e.g. dirt pickup resistance to prolong the proper looks of architectural coatings. Light stabilizer solutions contribute to making both the coatings and the substrates they protect more resistant to the highly exposed conditions they usually have to endure, like façade coatings based on styrene acrylic mixtures.
  • 粉末涂料
    We provide powerful additive solutions to make sure these coatings stay tough, even if the going gets rough! They are usable for a broad range of powder resins, such as polyester or polyester/epoxy binders and usable with Primid® products. The additives comprise not only light stabilizer solutions, but also antioxidants, thus preventing gas fading and thermal yellowing of powder coatings.
  • 木器涂料
    The natural beauty of wood is something worthy of the best protection against weather conditions and other influences which might mar its shine and intense colors. We offer e.g. light stabilizer solutions that improve weathering resistance and reduce color fading and loss of gloss.
  • SMP 密封剂
    The new AddWorks® IBC 760 provides you with an additive solution addressing these challenges, all while enhancing the performance of SMP sealants. It is hazard label-free and has global registration status.