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Emulsifiers for emulsion-type metalworking fluids

Clariant offers a broad portfolio of non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers especially suitable for metalworking fluids. These products, trademarked mainly as Emulsogen® and Genapol®, are developed and screened specifically for applicability on metalworking fluids, based on Clariant’s decades of experience in this industry.

Metalworking fluids with less harmful ingredients that help to reduce the impact on the environment represent the first choice on the market.

Also, the manufacturing industry is relentlessly upgrading and striving for novel processes and superior technologies, with the result that production processes are accelerated. The metalworking fluids used are applied at increasing pressure, which leads to the formation of foam in the fluid reservoirs of the machinery: this can cause malfunctions or increase maintenance efforts.

In this regard, the Emulsogen MTP Range stands out for the low foaming behavior that it provides. All five products from this range are low foaming and respond to the needs of different kinds of formulations, representing a true solution for various formulators.

Clariant has developed and offers a broad portfolio of multifunctional emulsifiers with a superior low foaming profile that also are label-free and protect our environment and people‘s health.

Among other benefits, the emulsifiers for emulsion-type metalworking fluids provide:

  • low foaming tendency
  • good oil solubility
  • superior low temperature behavior
  • lime soap dispersing agents that provide hard-water and electrolyte stability
  • excellent wetting properties
  • a broad range of HLB*
  • a low human and aquatic toxicology

*HLB = hydrophilic-lipophilic balance

Discover more about our emulsifiers in the section below.

Product highlights

  • Emulsogen MTP 030
    Emulsogen® MTP 030 is a multifunctional label-free nonionic emulsifier for metal working fluids with outstanding low pour point and low foaming properties. Emulsogen® MTP 030 also exhibits very good lime soap dispersing properties and is able to disperse large quantities of calcium oleate or tallate. Because of its excellent solubility in almost all kinds of mineral oils, Emulsogen® MTP 030 can be used as an anti-wear additive to improve lubricity.Emulsogen® MTP 030 has a sustainable profile, reducing the impact on the environment and being safe to personal health.
  • Emulsogen MTP 070
    Emulsogen MTP 070 是一种适用于金属加工液的多功能无标签非离子乳化剂,具有出色的钙皂分散和低发泡性能。Emulsogen MTP 070 能够分散大量的油酸钙或脂肪酸钙。Emulsogen MTP 070 在几乎所有矿物油中都能充分溶解,因而可作为抗磨添加剂用于改进润滑性。Emulsogen MTP 070 具有可持续发展特性,减少了环境影响,且具有人类健康安全性。
  • Emulsogen COL 100
    Emulsogen COL 100 是一种低泡醚羧酸,具有优良的乳化和分散性能。 用于金属加工液、防火液压液 (HFA-S) 和轧制乳液。 该产品遇电解质和硬水时非常稳定。此外,Emulsogen COL 100 表现出良好的钙皂分散效力,能够分散大量的油酸钙或脂肪酸钙。 本产品也可以提供低氯规格。
  • Emulsogen M(低泡)
    Emulsogen M 是一种脂肪醇乙氧基化物,可作为非离子乳化剂用于金属加工液(乳液、半合成)、轧制乳液和水性耐火液压液(HFA-S)。 它具备优良的乳化性能,且与阴离子配方组分高度相容。该产品起泡性极低,遇硬水保持稳定,且具有出众的钙皂分散效力,能够分散大量的油酸钙和脂肪酸该。 Emulsogen M 在大多数矿物油中都能充分溶解,因而可作为抗磨添加剂用于改进润滑性。 北美市场供应本产品采用的商品名称为 Emulsogen M A。

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