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Home Care and Industrial Cleaning - Ingredients and solutions for a cleaner world

Clariant is one of the leading suppliers of sustainable ingredients and solutions for the Home Care and Industrial Cleaning segment. From soil release polymers that protect fibers to silver biocides, from special amine oxides to low foaming surfactants, we offer a wide range of top-performing cleaning chemicals and application know-how to support you in developing the right formulation. 

Our portfolio comprises a multifaceted range of products that meet consumers’ needs efficiently and comprehensively. We are the ideal partner when it comes to developing all types of solutions and innovations related to laundry, cleaning and cleansing.


We offer the consumer goods industry a wide spectrum of technical innovations and ingredients for specific applications.

  • Dishwashing
    Whether by hand or using a washing machine, Clariant can help you with the dishes.
  • Hard surface cleaning
    Glass, metal, stone, or any other surface, we can provide specific solutions for all your hard surface cleaning needs.
  • I and I Cleaning
    There are many specific cleaning needs inside the Industrial & Institutional market. Contact us and we will find the best solution for you.
  • Laundry
    We offer laundry ingredients such as bleach systems to improve the pretreatment performance, additives for protecting colors and avoiding soil redeposition.

Our portfolio covers a broad range of care ingredients, from polymers that help protecting colors to silver biocides, from special amine oxides to low foaming surfactants.

  • Biocides and actives
    Clariant offers a focused Biocides & Actives product line that ensures excellent preservation tailored to the home care industry's needs.
  • Low foaming and defoamers
    We offer a complete line of low foaming surfactants for the home care industry to help customers with problems associated with foam.
  • Rheology modifiers
    Thanks to their sensorial properties, rheology modifiers play a crucial role in the relationship between consumers and products of the home care industry.
  • Special products
    For more specific needs, we offer a wide range of special products, such as PEGs, solvents, sequestering agents, corrosion inhibitors and pearlizers.
  • Sugar surfactants home care
    GlucoPure® is the new generation of sugar surfactants (Glucamides) for highly performing dishwashing liquids / washing-up liquids.
  • Surface care polymers
    The Aristocare Smart surface modification polymer has made treating surfaces such as ceramics, glass, and stainless steel a lot smarter.
  • Surfactants
    Surfactants are the basis for every single formulation in the Home Care business. Clariant's focus is increasing the efficiency of cleaning formulations.
  • Textile care polymers
    TexCare® performance polymers for laundry detergents remove stains even at low temperatures, protect against new soiling and improve fabric comfort.
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