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Dispersogen® Flex 100: The ideal dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments for water-based paint tinting

Introducing Dispersogen® Flex 100 - the ideal dispersing agent for dispersing all kinds of pigments, from organic to inorganic pigments, including carbon blacks and titanium dioxide, to tint all water-based paints. There is no need to make a choice.

This polymeric dispersing agent from Clariant can make high-quality water-based pigment preparations that can incorporate all types of pigments including carbon blacks and titanium dioxide. The corresponding pigment preparations are very stable over time and ensure compatibility and high color strength in water-based paint systems. These benefits have also been observed in some solvent-based alkyd lacquers, depending on the paint quality.

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Dispersogen® Flex 100: for superior and safe pigment preparations

If you are on the lookout for a new dispersing agent to create superior pigment preparations, we are happy to provide you with a free sample of Dispersogen® Flex 100 today. This new product gives paint producers an innovative, multifunctional, easy-to-use dispersing additive. Ask for your sample of our new dispersing agent and find out for yourself, how Dispersogen® Flex 100 will make on-site mixing of your pigment preparations so much easier.

For all your high-quality pigment preparations choose Dispersogen® Flex 100 for these reasons:

  • Suited for organic and inorganic pigments, including carbon blacks and titanium dioxide
  • Works with all water-based paint systems
  • Suitable for solvent-based alkyd lacquers, depending on paint quality
  •  100% active content
  • Easy handling
  • APEO, NPEO and TSPEO-free and solvent free
  • Contains < 1% VOC and < 0.1% SVOC (ISO 11890-2)
  • Label-free additive 
Clariant_Photo_Evaluation check viscosity pigment paste PO83_13-05-2022

Dispersogen® Flex 100 – a sustainable dispersing agent

Superior, safe and sustainable: with Dispersogen® Flex 100 we offer you an alternative dispersing agent for coatings that must comply with major ecolabel standards. Choose Dispersogen® Flex 100 to ensure high-performance pigment preparations and enjoy nice color tints for your paints.

With Dispersogen® Flex 100 we provide an ideal solution for your pigment preparations

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Dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments

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100% active product

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Easy handling

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Label free

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Watch our tests of performance on organic and inorganic pigments

Pigment preparations of organic and inorganic pigments with Dispersogen® Flex 100 exhibit better storage stability performances, while providing higher color strength in water-based paints. 

Download our flyer or the guide formulation.


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