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Pet care and grooming ingredients

More and more households own pets like cats and dogs, and increasingly the owners are willing to invest in their “family members”. Consumers are looking for sophisticated, high-quality grooming products and expect benefits similar to the personal care products they use themselves daily.

That’s why we’ve translated our deep expertise in personal care applications to meet the pet care and grooming needs of today: A broad portfolio of natural as well as mild and sustainable ingredients matched with our in-house formulation development expertise and claim substantiation for hair care results in a strong portfolio for pet care:

Clariant's Pet Care formulations

Gentle puppies co-wash for baby pets

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Gentle-Puppies-Co-Wash 2020

Mild conditioning and cleansing for cats and dogs with delicate skin

It gently cleans and moisturizes to prevent skin irritation & dryness

Key ingredients:

Detox cleansing for adventurous pets

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Detox-Cleansing-for-adventurous-dogs 2020

Detox shampoo

Pet shampoo that cleans and exfoliates in a gentle way

Key ingredients:

Gentle conditioner for soft hugs

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Gentle-Conditioner-for-soft-hugs 2020

Pet beauty care that recovers hair health appearance

Softens hair, facilitates brushing & removal of knots

Key ingredients:

Gentle conditioner for “Rapunzel” pets

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Detangling-Fluid 2020

With mild conditioning properties it protects pet hair and leaves it shiny and soft

Hydrates and detangles hair

Key ingredients:

Smart wet wipes quick and easy

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Smart-Wet-Wipes 2020

Gentle puppies foam shampoo for baby pets

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Gentle-puppies-foam-shampoo 2020

Mild cleansing for cats and dogs with delicate skin

It gently cleans and moisturizes to prevent skin irritation

Key ingredients:

Smooth bar shampoo for pets with short hair

Clariant-Image-Genapetics-Formulation-Smooth-bar-shampoo 2020

Solid shampoo that cleans in a mild way

Light and easy to travel with

Key ingredients:

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