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COST MP1105 Flaretex


Characterisation of Flame retardant Textiles and Related materials

parallel to ITC&DC

The workshop will be a meeting place for academic researchers and chemical producers for discussing the old problem of characterization of flame retardant textiles, plastics and composites in different systems and material states. There are so many instruments for this purpose, but nowadays the most important point is to find a good way and theory for explanation of the flame retardancy with the final goal of reaching the highest protection by using nontoxic compounds and systems. The study of the detailed behaviour of protected material in gas and condensed phase, and of the quantity of residue can clarify some important things in this field. It is also important to find a good relationship between a real fire and all details obtained by precise instruments. A special issue in the characterization of flame retardant materials is the toxicity that can actually cause more problems than a fire itself in reality. The high thermal energy present in the combustion processes is necessary to be considered. All these are relevant for both traditional and new fire retardant compounds and technologies as this subject was already of great interest from long ago.

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