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Ask the Expert – Virtual Personal Care Media Event

Ask the Expert – Virtual Personal Care Media Event

News of inspiring ingredients and trend-focused beauty formulations from Clariant will be popping up in your in-box over the next few weeks.

Designed to put a spring in the step of formulators (forgive the seasonal pun!), they bring more support for higher efficacy, sustainable skin and hair care formulations to target the specific needs of 2021’s emerging trends. 

But it’s all well and good reading about a product. Personal Care is all about creating an experience that stirs the senses. So, we’ve created an exclusive virtual media event that will: 

• Put you in touch with our experts - ready to answer all your questions and share their outlook for the rest of 2021, and

• Go through a sample kit of all our formulation concepts so you can see and feel our solutions “in action” for yourself.

Editors can register now to join the discussions and to get a sample kit before the event.

Please click the contact button and send Stefanie Nehlsen your registration.


15.00 hrs: Opening and welcome by Stefanie Nehlsen

Setting the scene: Strategy of ICS Personal Care

expert: Fabio Caravieri 

Highlight: Plantasens BioGum Tara and its formulation

expert: Martina Beitke & Thomas Lukowicz

Innovation by Active Ingredients:Celyscence | Ethience Protect |

expert: Alexandre Lapeyre & Charlotte Stricane & Julie Droux

NEW and LIVE: Beauty Forward V

expert: Jasmine Shah

16.00 hrs: Closing remarks by Stefanie Nehlsen

 Alexandre Lapeyre

Alexandre Lapeyre

Global Head of Marketing and Business Development


Alexandre Lapeyre is the Global Head of Marketing and Business Development responsible for Active Ingredients within Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (BU ICS) since the creation of the segment back in 2016.

He has a solid background in the field of active ingredients, with extensive expertise in successful product launches within Swiss companies Givaudan and Induchem where he was Scientific Marketing Manager.

Alexandre Lapeyre holds two Master’s degrees: a pharmaceutical engineering degree from the Ecole des Mines d’Albi; and a specialization degree in International Management for Cosmetics and Perfumes from the ESSEC Business School and ISIPCA.

Charlotte Stricane

Charlotte Stricane

Formulation and Concept Designer


Charlotte Stricane joined Clariant Active Ingredients team as Senior Application Development Manager in 2018 where her main focus is in formulation concept design and application testing from a marketing and a technical perspective.

Graduated in 2008 from the ISIPCA, French institute for fragrance, cosmetic and flavour sciences based in Versailles, France, with a master’s degree in Chemistry, she has over 10 years’ experience in various formulation and application manager positions for cosmetic suppliers throughout Europe.

Thomas Lukowicz

Thomas Lukowicz

Global Application Development Manager


Thomas Lukowicz is Global Application Development Manager for Rheology Modifiers and Encapsulation Technologies used in Personal Care within the Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (ICS) since 2019.

He has a solid background in product development for the consumer care market and extensive expertise in innovation project management thanks to previous work experience at Stepan Europe and ArcelorMittal.

Thomas Lukowicz holds a Master Degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Regensburg (Germany). Furthermore, he has a PhD in Formulation Chemistry from the University of Sciences and Technologies Lille (France), where he worked on the aqueous solubilization of fragrances in microemulsions.

Martina Beitke

Martina Beitke

Global Launch Manager Consumer Care


Since May 2020 Martina is responsible for Global Launch Management for Consumer Care (Personal Care and Industrial- & Home Care). She has been part of the Global Marketing team in the Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (BU ICS) since 2014 in her previous role as Sustainability Manager.

Before joining Clariant, Martina worked as Manager for Energy and Climate Policy at the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and the German Energy and Water Association (BDEW) where she held the position of Advisor for Environmental Policy and Climate Change.

Martina who holds a Master degree in Political Science, Literature and English Studies from the Humboldt University of Berlin concluded her education with a traineeship at the German Foreign Office and the German Parliament.

Clariant Image Julie Droux 2021

Julie Droux

Senior Technical Marketing Specialist


Julie Droux joined Clariant Active Ingredients in 2017 as Senior Technical Marketing Specialist. She is currently in charge of product launch management and technical sales support.

She is a biotechnology engineer and has almost 10 years’ experience in the active ingredients field. She developed multiple ingredients and concepts, and is a specialist in plant-origin active ingredients.

Clariant Image Jasmine Shah 2021

Jasmine Shah

Customer Experience and Trends Leader at Clariant


Jasmine Shah joined Clariant’s marketing team as Customer Experience and Trends Leader for Personal Care in February this year. She is responsible for trend concepts including the launch of Clariant’s yearly Beauty and Personal Care trend catalog: BeautyForward.

Jasmine has experience working with digital platforms operating in the Beauty and Personal Care space and holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of St. Andrews.

Clariant Image Fabio Caravieri 2021

Fabio Caravieri

Head of Marketing Segment Consumer Care


Fabio Caravieri is the Head of Marketing Segment Consumer Care within Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (BU ICS).

He has a solid background in the field of Consumer Care ingredients, with holistic experience in different roles such as new business development, commercial and strategic marketing. Fabio conducted the recent Clariant strategy repositioning in Personal Care and the latest ingredients launches.

Fabio holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Federal University of Sao Carlos and an MBA in Business Administration from FGV Business School in Brazil.

Fabio Caravieri is based at Clariant’s Industrial & Consumer Specialties in Muttenz/Switzerland.





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