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UTECH Europe 2021, Nov 16 – 18

Meet our Flame Retardants Experts at UTECH Europe 2021

We are very excited to be a part of the UTECH Europe 2021 that takes place from November 16-18, 2021 in Maastricht, NL.

As a leading international exhibition and conference for the global polyurethanes industry, the event provides visitors with the opportunity to see the latest products, technologies, and innovations up close, network with suppliers from across the industry, and stay up to date with recent research and developments at the conference.

Visit our experts at Booth no. L16 to learn how Clariant’s halogen-free Exolit® flame retardants for rigid and flexible polyurethane foams and CASE systems can prove environmentally more compatible fire protection for transportation, construction and consumer applications. Our flame retardants enable compliance with stringent emission and migration requirements as they are either reactive or inorganic solids with low vapor pressure and low solubility.

Exolit® OP 550 and Exolit® OP 560 can achieve lower fogging and VOC levels that meet stringent emission standards for PU flexible foams in the automotive industry. Focusing on rigid PUR and PIR insulation foams, Exolit® AP 422 and Exolit® AP 462 are safer and more sustainable alternatives to volatile and scrutinized flame retardants such as halogenated and non-halogenated phosphate esters (e.g. TCPP).

We hope to see you in November.



MECC Maastricht


Forum 100

Maastricht, , 荷兰


  • Exolit® OP 550
    科莱恩的 Exolit OP 550 是专门用于软质聚氨酯泡沫的阻燃剂。该产品是一种反应性阻燃剂,可以通过化学反应嵌入聚氨酯聚合物,预防材料发生不利的迁移。从而达到最严格的聚氨酯软质泡沫排放标准。这使得产品能够适合汽车制造业等低 VOC 应用领域。Exolit OP 550 是一种基于无卤含磷多元醇生产的中等粘度液体,官能度约为 2。
  • Exolit® OP 560
    科莱恩的 Exolit OP 560 是专门用于软质聚氨酯泡沫的阻燃剂。作为一款反应性阻燃剂,OP560 可以通过化学反应接入聚合物链段,以防止不必要的化学迁移。因此 OP560 可以满足绝大多数汽车行业中最严苛的挥发性有机化合物排放的要求且拥有最好的排放表现 Exolit OP 560 是一种工艺简单的低粘度液体,官能度约为 2。Exolit OP 560 被美国环境保护局(U. S. EPA,2015 年 8 月,EPA744-R-15-002)确定为»一种预计在内饰及家具软质聚氨酯泡沫中使用可提高安全性的替代产品«
  • Exolit® AP 422
    Exolit AP 422 是采用特殊方法生产的细粒聚磷酸铵(II 型)。该产品很大程度上不溶于水,且完全不溶于有机溶剂。无色、不吸湿且不易燃。
  • Exolit® AP 462
    Exolit AP 462 是一种基于聚磷酸铵的产品。晶体类型为 II 型。它是根据科莱恩自有的方法,采用聚磷酸铵,通过三聚氰胺树脂微包覆工艺制造而成。Exolit AP 462 是一种细粒径白色粉末,即使在高温下也具有极低的水溶性。它完全不溶于有机溶剂。该产品不吸湿且不易燃。 按下“打印本页”按钮,下载产品数据表。
  • Exolit® AP 750
    Exolit AP 750 是一种以聚磷酸铵为主要成分的非卤阻燃剂,通过磷/氮协同作用发挥效力。与同类竞争材料相比,它表现出高加工稳定性。Exolit AP 750 与无磷基阻燃剂(例如,溴化、氯化或矿物阻燃剂,如 ATH)作用方式的不同之处在于通过膨胀实现其效力。含有 Exolit AP 750 的材料接触明火时会发泡。如此形成的富碳泡沫层将凭借其隔热效果保护聚合物,并且在许多情况下可以保护下面的基材,减少进一步的氧气进入并防止基于热塑性塑料的材料滴落。除了针对火灾行为的主要效果(如降低火焰传播速率、热释放、滴落行为、火焰试验后试样残留长度等)之外,低烟密度、不释放腐蚀性、有毒性烟气产生量低等积极的辅助防火效果也非常吸引人。
  • Exolit® RP 6520
    Exolit RP 6520, is a brown-red paste, and is a thixotropic blend of castor oil with stabilized, microencapsulated red phosphorus. The paste form allows safe and simple handling and thus processing is made easier. The thixotropic nature of this concentrate hinders the sedimentation process and simplifies the re-homogenization after long storage periods.