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2021年12月10日 | Switzerland

Advanced Surface Solutions for Wood Coatings

Micronized additives are widely used in the coatings industry for modification of surfaces. Mainly commercial available synthetic waxes play an important role for different kind of variations. Scratch resistance, reduction of slip properties, matting effects and much more are properties which can be influenced by the addition of these additives. Recently the industry is changing and is looking for more sustainable additives which can provide similar or even improved results. There are some micronized additives based on renewables which can even provide performance benefits compared to standard waxes.


Tobias Niederleitner

Global Technical Segment Manager, Advanced Surface Solutions, Clariant

Tobias Niederleitner studied Chemical and Biology Engineering in the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen/Nuremburg and joined the Clariant Corporation in the year 2008. He started his career in the Technical Marketing department and was responsible for Hotmelt Adhesive applications. 2009 he changed to the Coatings and Inks department. Since2016 Tobias Niederleitner has the global technical responsibility for the Market segment Waxes for Coatings and Inks.

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2021年12月10日 | Switzerland

Advanced Surface Solutions for Wood Coatings