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Plantasens LS6: The skin lipid balancer


Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin or even acne-prone skin all have one common factor: an imbalance of skin lipids.

In our 30-minute webinar, you will see how our latest addition to our emollient portfolio, Plantasens® LS6, mimicks skin lipids to replenish and rebalance skin lipids while providing a natural-feel sensory coat.

Plantasens® LS6 not only strengthens the skin barrier, but it is 100% bio-based and has a renewable carbon index (RCI) of 100%.

Participants of the webinar will also gain access to various formulations with Plantasens® LS6.

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Aleksandra Zmiric

Technical Application and Marketing Development Manager, Personal Care EMEA

Isabelle Minoggio

Technical Application Development Manager, Personal Care EMEA

Plantasense portfolio

  • Plantasens®
    PLANTASENS® 为科莱恩的个人护理产品组合提供了创新自然资源灵感。其创新的自然成分系列包括植物基活性物、多功能乳化剂和选择范围广泛的润肤剂(从植物油和自然黄油到硅、矿脂和羊毛脂的替代品),可帮助您开发更加天然的化妆品产品。

Product information

  • Plantasens LS6
    Plantasens LS6 was crafted as a replica of skin sebum for the perfect fusion with the skin's sebaceous lipids. As a native intrinsic emollient to the skin, Plantasens LS6 is a versatile solution which responds to individual skin needs. Its natural-feel sensory coat replenishes lost sebaceous lipids and rebalances altered compositions of sebaceous lipids. Each component of Plantasens LS6 has been carefully selected from valuable heritage plant oils.