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in-cosmetics global 2022

Natural and sustainable – good for us and the planet. Discover Clariant’s new ingredients and BeautyForward® formulations to push renewable carbon content higher and answer care trends.

Expect powerfully effective plant-derived active ingredients to reinforce hair and skin’s resilience to weather and emotional stress. Experience a 100% RCI skin barrier-strengthening emollient from heritage plant oils, alongside a 100% natural preservation booster. And, give waterless formats a pampering, protective skin after-feel with our novel, solid, sugar-based, fully biodegradable surfactant.

Plus, boost your transition to 100% bio with new 100% bio-based, fully segregated versions of our surfactants and PEGs. Learn more at E70!

Try the Formulation Lab

Eco-label compliant natural conditioner bar with GlucoTain® GEM

Speaker: Svenja Wenski, Technical Application Manager

April 6, 12:30 h – 13:30 i Formulation Lab 2

Join our Presentations

Natural actives to tackle the effects of contemporary stress

Speaker: Alexandre Lapeyre, Global Head of Marketing and Business Development

April 5, 17:20 h - 17:50 h in Theatre 3

Derived natural preservation booster supporting a balanced product protection

Speaker: Dr. Petra Schaal, Application Development Manager Preservatives

April 6, 17:20 h – 17:50 h in Theatre 3

GlucoTain® GEM, from sugar crystals to waterless concentrated multifaceted surfactant

Speakers: Svenja Wenski, Technical Application Manager and Aleksandra Zmiric, Technical Application and Marketing Development Manager

April 7, 11h-11:30 h in the Sustainability Corner


Booth no. E70

1 Pl. de la Porte de Versailles

Paris, France


Highlights presented at booth E70

  • Plantasens LS6
    Plantasens LS6 was crafted as a replica of skin sebum for the perfect fusion with the skin's sebaceous lipids. As a native intrinsic emollient to the skin, Plantasens LS6 is a versatile solution which responds to individual skin needs. Its natural-feel sensory coat replenishes lost sebaceous lipids and rebalances altered compositions of sebaceous lipids. Each component of Plantasens LS6 has been carefully selected from valuable heritage plant oils.
  • Plantasens Biogum Tara
    Plantasens Biogum Tara from Tara Gum is a natural rheology modifier that outperforms current »green« alternatives used for creams, lotions and cosmetic products. It has a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%, complies with all major environmental labels like Cosmos or NaTrue, and outperforms current natural alternatives in terms of thickening and texturizing effects.
  • Glucotain GEM
    Efficient cleansing and robust builder of detercompositions. Especially suitable for waterless novel formats. Delightful sensory features with consistently rich foam that rinses easily from skin. Excellent skin compatibility, renewable sourcing, highly biodegradable.
  • Prunizen™
    Prunizen 是一种天然活性成分,由夏枯草提取物制成,夏枯草是一种具有“适应原”特性的植物。如果人长期处于心理情绪压力之下,就容易产生脱发现象,头皮和头发的健康也会受到影响,而它正好可以解决这种头皮和头发问题。Prunizen 为压力大的人士调节其头皮中的皮质醇分泌,并保护头发结构。此外,它还能刺激催产素的产生,让头皮更加健康。 有关该产品的更多详细信息,请访问 Prunizen 专门网页。如需了解我们的其他活性成分,请访问我们的主页 Clariant Active Ingredients。
  • Galactinol Advanced
    Galactinol Advanced 是一种通过“白色生物催化”(一种可持续工艺)制成的天然活性成分。受复活植物的启发,Galactinol Advanced 有助于增强皮肤抵御恶劣环境的能力,以使皮肤保持滋润并防止加速老化。
  • Beauty Wizard
    Discover Clariant's new formulations inspired by ancient wisdom and tradition. Fueled with innovative natural active ingredients that supports the skin and hair against all types of stress.

More about Clariant's Personal Care portfolio

  • 个人护理
    科莱恩个人护理部门提供种类齐全的高级配方用化妆品成分(包括活性物)和护理成分(例如保湿剂和润肤剂 、乳化剂、成膜剂、头发调理剂、珠光剂、防腐剂和温和表面活性剂)。
  • Active Ingredients
    Clariant Active Ingredients offers a broad range of innovative actives for the big challenges in cosmetics.