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Process and production

Turning bentonite clay into quality products

Bentonite can be processed in several ways to optimize properties for the individual uses. Clariant's Adsorbents business operates 28 production sites that turn the raw bentonite clay into consistent quality products for a variety of our customers’ applications. The challenge is always to convert a natural product with natural fluctuations of composition and quality into a final product with consistent performance – a challenge that we master day-in day-out for more than 100 years now.

Acid activation is performed to considerably increase the surface area of the bentonite and create additional acidic reaction sites. This treatment is useful for applications like edible oil refinement and purification of mineral oils and biofuel feedstock.

Alkaline activation is performed to modify the viscosity and rheology of bentonite slurries. This treatment is useful of applications like foundry sand binders, civil engineering, paper, detergents, and many more.

Some bentonite grades are naturally active and fit for their respective application. In any case, all grades, whether activated or not, need to be dried, milled and classified to specification and pass rigorous quality checks prior to release to customers.

Our expertise

  • 吸附剂
    1,000 多种需求,汇集成一个单一的解决方案:膨润土。 科莱恩集团的吸附剂业务部是全球知名的膨润土、合成材料特种产品和解决方案的全球知名提供商。量身定制的产品旨在提升各类行业中的产品和流程。从开采原材料到加工,再到定制出针对客户具体需求的解决方案,我们为您提供横跨整个价值链的 360° 全方位服务。
  • Bentonite
    Bentonite is a clay material that is quite abundant on earth.
  • Exploration and mining
    With the operation of 60 bentonite mines, our customers can rely on a secure supply.
  • Re-Cultivation
    Agricultural land is returned to the same use as before mining.

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