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Ingredients and solutions

Whether by hand or using a washing machine, Clariant can help you with the dishes. It can be a liquid, a paste, a tablet, or any other innovative format, there will surely be a way of helping our customers improving the performance of their dishwashing formulations.

Speciality chemicals for dishwashing products

Product highlights

  • Genapol® EC 50
    Excellent low foaming surfactant and rinse aid for automatic dishwashing liquids, tabs and rinses. Great overall rinse and drying performance. Ideal for P-free tablets.
  • GlucoPure® Foam
    GlucoPure Foam is the perfect combination of sustainability and performance for Hand Dishwashing Liquid Detergents, with the additional benefits of no aqua toxicity labelling and skin mildness.
  • GlucoPure® Sense
    GlucoPure Sense 是一种协效表面活性剂,作为其原料的葡萄糖酰胺家族是采用在欧洲种植和收获的葵花籽油制成的。 它让手洗餐具洗涤液拥有无与伦比的温和性,而且还具有能够制作无刺激标签配方的优势。
  • Hostagel VB
    Hostagel VB is an environmentally friendlier low-VOC and solvent-free choice for breaking the viscosity of concentrated dishwashing liquids. It additionally prevents drying of skin and enhances mildness of formulation.
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