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Surfactants are the basis for every single formulation in the Industrial & Home Care business. A wide range of options is of fundamental importance for customers.

Many Clariant surfactants can be offered from various production sites to fulfill regional needs in a cost-effective way. Clariant focuses on increasing the efficiency of surfactant systems in cleaning formulations as this addresses a key aspect of sustainability.

Our ongoing search for sustainable solutions led us to GlucoPure™: innovative and high-performing sugar-based surfactants for hand dishwashing and hard surface cleaners. GlucoPure™ is based on sugar and natural oils such as RSPO certified palm oil resulting in a Renewable Carbon Index of up to 95%.

From specific blends to facilitate and accelerate the production of many different formulations from our customers, to synergy concepts based on the versatile and powerful performance-boosting ammonium quaternary Hostapur HY. Our range allows formulations even with anionic surfactants, and enables a reduction in the total amount of surfactants used.

Genaminox® CHE is a new amine oxide in the Clariant line of products, allowing much more efficient and environmentally friendly formulations for cleaners and disinfectants formulations.

Clariant offers a complete portfolio of surfactants including:

  • Anionics
  • Ethoxylates
  • Amine Oxides
  • Betaines
  • Quats / Esters
  • Amine derivatives
  • Sugar surfactants

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  • GlucoPure® Foam
    GlucoPure Foam is the perfect combination of sustainability and performance for Hand Dishwashing Liquid Detergents, with the additional benefits of no aqua toxicity labelling and skin mildness.
  • GlucoPure® Wet
    GlucoPure Wet combines fast soap scum removal and mildness to plastic materials to give you the most suitable co-surfactant for bathroom cleaners and hard surface cleaners in general.
  • GlucoPure® Deg
    GlucoPure Deg presents the same performance profile of the GlucoPure Foam, but is commercialized with more than 60% active content and approximately 10% of ethanol.
  • GlucoPure® Sense
    GlucoPure Sense 是一种协效表面活性剂,作为其原料的葡萄糖酰胺家族是采用在欧洲种植和收获的葵花籽油制成的。 它让手洗餐具洗涤液拥有无与伦比的温和性,而且还具有能够制作无刺激标签配方的优势。
  • Hostapur HY
    加入阴离子配方 (HDWL) 和阳离子清洁剂,作为清洗强化成分 易添加、高效能且多用途。
  • Genaminox CHE
    Genaminox CHE is Clariant’s pioneering generation of Amine Oxide (AO) for hard surface cleaners (HSC). Made from a plant-based renewable hydrophobe, Genaminox CHE enables manufacturers to cut active ingredient input to achieve lower cost, greener pro ducts with enhanced cleaning performance.