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Concept: be your moment

Humidity, pollution and ageing can have an adverse effect on hair, resulting in poor hair manageability. Want to be in control of your own hair? Introducing our Clariant hair care collection Re-Shape Control. Targeting from root to tip, this formulation range is scientifically proven to help rebalance the scalp, moisturize hair fibers, repair split-ends and lock in style. Achieve the look you desire and be the perfect you.

Inspiring formulations

Reboot scalp tonic

Maintain beautiful hair from the roots of a healthy scalp. With the action of Octopirox and Allantoin this caffeine-infused tonic soothes irritations and inflammations and helps rebalance the scalp.

Fine repair elixir

This weightless cream gel is rich in elegant moisturizer Plantasens Olive Squalane and the natural silicone-like Plantasens Olive LD which lubricates the hair shaft, turns it more flexible and helps prevents split ends.

Smooth control hair serum

Take back control of your hair and achieve smooth, manageable tresses. With Aristoflex AVS and all-natural Plantasens Avocado Oil this light serum helps to keep your hair straight, easier to comb and tangle-free.

Shape definition nourishing cream

Made with Plantasens Abyssinian Oil and Aristoflex Velvet this lightweight, refined cream has been designed specifically for straight hair and works by moisturizing the hair fibres, locking in style and keeping hair nourished and perfectly aligned.

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