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Plant-based actives & multi-functional emulsifiers

Surprise Your
Senses Naturally


Surprise your senses naturally!

PLANTASENS® offers a new and natural source of inspiration to Clariant’s Personal Care product portfolio. Its innovative range of natural ingredients include plant-based actives, multi-functional emulsifiers, and a broad selection of emollients (ranging from vegetable oils and natural butters to alternatives to silicones, petrolatum and lanolin) to help you develop more natural cosmetic products.


  • Plantasens Olive Active HP
    Plantasens Olive Active HP is an unsaponifiable olive oil derivative that prevents the formation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs), to delay the apparition of aging signs. It is obtained from upcycled byproduct of olive oil production.
  • Plantasens Crambisol
    Daily impacts such as heat styling, aggressive brushing, pollution, UV exposure and even over-washing affect hair health and lead to severe damage. Made from Crambe abyssinica seeds and phytosterols, Plantasens Crambisol penetrates the cuticle down to the cortex to strengthen all layers of the hair fiber for less breaks.

Natural emulsifiers

  • Plantasens Emulsifier HP10
    Plantasens Emulsifier HP 10 absorbs very quickly due to its quick break effect, without leaving any residue. This emulsifier also promotes the formation of liquid crystal structures, helping formulators develop very stable creams with fresh and moisturizing properties.
  • Plantasens Emulsifier HP30 天然乳化剂
    不含转基因生物 (GMO) 和聚乙二醇 (PEG) 的天然乳化剂系统可实现稳定的配方。专利型均衡乳化剂系统,与皮肤氨基酸结构高度亲和,附着在皮肤上可营造丝滑肤感。保湿、塑造天然美感、适合所有肤质,特别适合针对敏感性皮肤开发的产品。
  • Plantasens Emulsifier CP5
    Plantasens Emulsifier CP5 is especially designed for formulating low viscous w/o emulsions with very low oil phase content and with no need of further stabilizing ingredients such as waxes. Plantasens Emulsifier CP5 is 100 % vegetable origin, GMO-free, based on a unique association of natural glycerides and olive unsaponifiables. These ingredients confer to a high emulsifying effect and an exceptional moisturizing capacity.
  • Plantasens Emulsifier CP40
    Plantasens Emulsifier CP40 is an efficient natural emulsifier base. Suitable for w/o with high pigment content like natural suncare and also suitable for waterproof formulations. It shows excellent compatibility with inorganic UV-filters, wide range of polar and non polar oils (from 20 - 40%). Especially suitable for dry, mature and sensitive skin due to its rich sensory and nourishing skin feel.

Alternatives to Silicone, Petrolatum and Lanolin

  • Plantasens Olive LD
    Plantasens Olive LD is a natural, very stable emollient which provides a premium sensory in numerous skin care and hair care products. The outstanding sensory profile makes it a sensorial alternative for dimethicone and its very good solubilization power for crystalline UV filters an ideal choice for sun care applications.
  • Plantasens VP R15
    Plantasens VP R15 is a vegetable alternative to petrolatum that is designed to provide deep moisturization and utmost protection for the skin, while allowing it to breathe naturally. It immediately hydrates and protects the skin and provides a smooth skin feel.
  • Plantasens VP 170
    Plantasens VP 170 is a vegetable alternative to petrolatum designed to rapidly protect and moisturize the skin, leaving a comforting after feel in all body care applications. The added value of improving shine makes Plantasens VP 170 ideal for makeup and lip care applications
  • Plantasens VL
    Plantasens VL has been developed as a plant-based alternative to Lanolin. VL offers a comparable Lanolin feel & sensory; cosmetic finish, and meets the general consumer trend to move away from animal-derived cosmetics.


  • Plantasens Abyssinian Oil
    Plantasens Abyssinian Oil is a unique oil derived from the Abyssinia plant – native to the sun-drenched windy open African Highlands and the South American Caatinga, some of the world regions that receive the highest UV exposures from the sun. A natural emollient with good heat stability and oxidation resistance with a great cushony after feel. Its unique composition, rich in omegas 6 and 9 and long-chain triglycerides leaves the skin nourished and hydrated.
  • Plantasens 橄榄角鲨烷
    Plantasens 橄榄角鲨烯是一种极为稳定的天然(100% 基于橄榄制成)润肤剂,可用于众多护肤和护发产品,营造高级质感。它具有出色的质感特征,因而成为替代二甲基硅油的质感替代成分。能够轻松加入乳液,并与大多数化妆品成分相容。



  • Plantasens Cosmetic Wax A4
    Plantasens Cosmetic Wax A4 is a natural structuring agent derived from non-GMO soybean oil. It presents to formulators a fully natural and cost-effective solution to stabilize and/or increase formulation viscosity and is ideal for synthetic-, petroleum- and animal-free concepts
  • Plantasens Cosmetic Wax A5
    Plantasens Cosmetic Wax A5 is a natural structuring agent derived from non-GMO sunflower oil. It presents to formulators a fully natural and cost-effective solution to stabilize and/or increase formulation viscosity and is ideal for synthetic-, petroleum- and animal-free concepts.