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National Ethanol Conference

From emerging technologies and new uses to opportunities in global carbon reduction policies, market insights, and international and domestic marketplace developments, there is much to learn and experience at RFA’s 27th Annual National Ethanol Conference: Zeroing in on New Opportunities.  More networking and business meetings are conducted at this conference than any other ethanol industry event. It’s an event you cannot afford to miss and where business gets done!

Make sure to register for the conference to learn more about Clariant’s view of cellulosic biofuels and biochemicals produced from agricultural residues and how they play a role in reducing the carbon footprint with focus on downstream opportunities into bio-based chemicals and sustainable aviation fuel.


Christian Librera

Head of Clariant's Business Line Biofuels & Derivatives


Hyatt Regency New Orleans

New Orleans, 美国

Biofuel with SUNLIQUID

  • Sunliquid®
    可替代能源的常见困境: 是为食物还是为燃料种庄稼? 面临着气候变化和矿物燃料储量下降的问题,我们需要寻找环保替代能源。 汽车市场消耗了全球大约 50% 的原油产量。 现有的生物燃料会引发粮食或燃料争夺耕地 的讨论。